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Sunoco Explosion Lawsuit

On the night of August 12th, 2016, seven workers were injured after a fire broke out at the Sunoco Logistics terminal in Nederland, Texas. Four of the workers at the plant, which is about 90 miles east of Houston are in critical condition. According to news reports the explosion involved a crude-oil pipeline connection. The workers that were injured were contracted by a firm that contract for Sunoco Logistics. The surrounding area was apparently not impacted by the explosion.

Sunoco Explosion LawsuitBCA sends it's condolences to the victims and the families of the victims of the Sunoco Fire Tragedy. Brent Coon and Associates are currently trying to investigate the cause of the Sunoco explosion. BCA is recognized as one of the top firms in the world when it comes to plant explosions and corporate misconduct in these matters. Brent Coon represented Eva Rowe after the Texas City Explosion, which left 15 workers deceased and injured hundreds of others. Coon reached an unprecedented settlement that included a “first ever” agreement to release seven million pages of sealed corporate documents that would have been presented during trial. Mr. Coon went on to write and introduce to the Texas State Legislature the “Remember The 15” Bill, which would have provided increased safety regulations and standards within the petrochemical industry. “Our job in this case was not only justice for our client, but to make sure this kind of tragedy NEVER happens again”. The settlement also mandated at least $32 million in charitable donations.

The explosion occurred about 10 miles outside of Beaumont, Texas which is the main headquarters of Brent Coon and Associates. 3 of the workers whom were injured in the accident were flown to burn specialists in Houston and Galveston. The remaining 4 workers are being treated at local hospitals. As of Sunday Aug 14th there is current update as to the status of these victims. There are reports that federal investigators are investigating if a welding contractor working on the pipeline may have helped ignite this fire, but there is confirmation of that at this time.

Sunoco Explosion Lawsuit Claims

If you our a loved one where injured in the Sunoco Fire on August 12th, contact Brent Coon and Associates to help assist you in your legal claims. BCA is headquartered 10 miles away from the plant in Beaumont, Texas. Brent Coon has extensive experience in litigating against the Petrochemical industry and knows the Beaumont area as well as anyone. Brent Coon recently negotiated a settlement on the behalf of the estate of woman who was killed in the DuPont Gas Leak. The settlement included $100,000 in charitable donations and a moment of silence on the date of the accident for the next 10 years.

If you were involved in the Sunoco Fire, contact Brent Coon and Associates today at 855-435-5839.

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